• Ruby 2.7 warnings fixed
  • Mermaid 8.11.2 support
  • D3 7.0.0 support
  • Remove issue macro, which is now supported by Redmine core
  • new ticket message can be overwritten for projects
  • fixed scope of public project dashboards for all projects


  • d3plus to v2.0.0-alpha.30 support
  • Mermaid 8.9.2 support
  • Bug fix for select2 loading without named field
  • FontAwesome 5.15.3 support
  • D3 6.6.2 support
  • Fix news limit for welcome dashboard block
  • Frensh translation updated, thanks to Brice BEAUMESNIL!
  • clipboard.js updated to v2.0.8
  • Ruby 2.5 is required


  • Do not show “Assign to me” if assigned_to is disabled for tracker
  • FontAwesome 5.15.1 support
  • D3 6.3.1 support
  • Mermaid 8.8.4 support
  • add current_user as special login name for user macro (which shows current login user)
  • add text parameter to user macro (which disable link to user)
  • add asynchronous text block
  • gemify plugin to use it with Gemfile.local or other plugins
  • remove spam protection functionality
  • Chart.js 2.9.4 support
  • Allow overwrite mermaid theme and variables


  • Introduce dashboards
  • Redmine 4.1 or newer is required
  • FontAwesome 5.14.0 support
  • D3 6.1.1 support
  • Mermaid 8.8.0 support
  • d3plus to v2.0.0-alpha.29 support
  • drop wiki header and footer settings


  • FontAwesome 5.13.0 support
  • Mermaid 8.4.8 support
  • clipboard.js updated to v2.0.6
  • fix for spam protection with invisible_captcha
  • D3 5.16.0 support
  • Ruby 2.4 is required


  • members macro now supports with_sum option
  • FontAwesome 5.12 support
  • FontAwesome ajax search has been added
  • Mermaid 8.4.6 support
  • D3 5.15.0 support
  • Drop nvd3 library
  • Drop Chartjs stacked100 library
  • Drop d3plus-hierarchy library
  • Drop calendar macro
  • Support private comments with issue macro
  • Google Docs macro has been added
  • Fix bug with Rack 2.0.8 or newer
  • Drop Redmine 3.4 support
  • Add Redmine 4.1 support
  • Use view_layouts_base_body_top hook, which is available since Redmine 3.4
  • Refactoring new hooks (without template)
  • macro has been added - thanks to @kotashiratsuka
  • Select2 4.0.13 support


  • FontAwesome 5.11.2 support
  • Mermaid 8.4.2 support
  • Select2 4.0.12 support
  • Chart.js 2.9.3 support
  • Chart.js Plugin datalabels 0.7.0 support
  • d3plus to v2.0.0-alpha.25
  • Fix user visibility for members macro
  • Fix user visibility for issue reports
  • Drop ZeroClipboard library


  • fix mail notification if issue author changed
  • fix permission bug for closed issues with freezed mode
  • Ruby 2.2.x support has been dropped. Use 2.3.x or newer ruby verion
  • FontAwesome 5.9.0 support
  • remove issue_close_with_open_children functionality, because this is included in Redmine 3.4.x #47 (thanks to @pva)
  • add hierarchy support for projects macro #45
  • select2 support
  • bootstrap-datepicker 1.9.0 support


  • support single process rake installation #40
  • FontAwesome 5.8.0 support


  • mermaid 8.0.0 support
  • FontAwesome 5.7.1 support
  • fixed close issue without permission
  • create correct journal entry if issue status changed from sidebar #37
  • create correct journal entry if issue has been ‘assigned to me’ from sidebar


  • Performance improvement (#36)
  • FontAwesome 5.6.3 support
  • Fix problem from migrating from Redmine 3.x to Redmine 4 with lost settings


  • Fix bug with undefined constant for tags
  • add possibility to use custom date with date macro
  • FontAwesome 5.6.0 support


  • CSS fix for project macro
  • More compatibility for autocomplete_users with other plugins (like redmine_contacts_helpdesk)
  • Compatibility to wiking plugin (macro list)
  • Add Spanish translation, thanks to @dktcoding!
  • Wiki button for available macros
  • replace permission hide-in-memberbox with “hide” as role setting - check your roles, if you used this permission!
  • replace multiple current_date macros with one macro called date
  • cleanup macros: if no data exists, macros is displayed instead of data (before some macros used error messages other hide message at all)


  • FontAwesome 5.5.0 support
  • Usability improvement for change author in issue formular
  • options and permission for issue requires timelog to use status
  • New option to freeze issues on close. With permission “edit closed issue” user can break this rule.
  • Fix problem with help menu and other redmine plugins (compatibility problem with other plugins)
  • Fix problem with disabled users and changing author for issues


  • Change status is now compatible with redmine_agile
  • Do not show sidebar for changing status, if edit_closed_issues permission is missing
  • FontAwesome 5.3.1 support
  • compatibility with plugin redmine_sudo and redmine_base_deface
  • FontAwesome wiki macro has been added (called fa)
  • issue and wiki page macro has been added
  • Show macro list to all logged users at /help/macros
  • Help menu, with more links to Redmine help pages (which can be used with other plugins, to assign additional entries)


  • FontAwesome 5.2.0 support
  • smiley support for markdown text_formatting
  • new_issue macro with i18n support
  • updated bootstrap-datepicker to v1.8.0
  • updated d3plus to v2.0.0-alpha.17
  • ruby 2.2.0 is required
  • Redmine 3.4 is required
  • support sidebar with non default wiki titles (thanks to @danielvijge)


  • Provide d3 loader function
  • More robust code for dealing with finding data


  • i18n methods
  • FontAwesome 5.0.13 support


  • Remove bootstrap library
  • compatibility with
  • bug fix: issue and user macro uses absolute url in mailer notification
  • Updated marmaid library to version 8.0.0-rc8
  • Updated d3 library to 3.5.17
  • Updated nvd3 library to latest 1.8.6
  • FontAwesome 5.0.12 support
  • Set default values for ui-tooltip css class
  • ZeroClipboard updated to 2.3.0


  • Updated bootstrap library to 4.0.0
  • Drop angular_gantt library
  • enables deface overwrite directory for all installed plugins (not only additionals)
  • Updated d3plus to version v2.0.0-alpha.16
  • add “Assign to me” to issues
  • add “Status on sidebar” for issues
  • add link to create new issue on user profile
  • FontAwesome 5.0.8 support
  • Add marmaid library


  • Provide XLSX helper (and drop XLS helper)
  • FontAwesome 5.0.6 support
  • add list support for rake task setting_set


  • FontAwesome 5.0.2 support
  • Switching to SLIM template engine


  • add rake tasks: drop_settings, setting_get and setting_set
  • Updated nvd3 library to 1.8.6
  • Updated angularjs libraries to v2.0.0-rc.1
  • Wiki iframe macro integration has been added


  • Redmine 3.4 bug fixes
  • Helper function fa_icon renamed to font_awesome_icon because of conflicts with redmine_bootstrap_kit
  • Cleanups deface overwrites
  • add hook for user show
  • Traditional Chinese support has been added (thanks to @archonwang)
  • Wiki macro for weather with meteoblue has been added
  • Wiki macro for google maps has been added
  • Wiki macro for issues now supports display a comment and detect issue id and comment id from URL


  • Add group_users macro
  • Fix bug with REST-API and assigned_id for issues
  • Use user name setting for sort order in macros
  • Add invisible_captcha spam protection on registration form


  • Allow remove watchers without re-adding it (only if author or assigned_user changed)
  • Fix sort order of users for change author
  • Add uninstall documentation
  • Add option to disable autowatch issue at user level
  • Fixed bug with recurring_tasks plugin and autowatch issues
  • Add more unit tests


  • Add option to add involved issue users automatically
  • Add change issue author feature
  • Fixed bug with Redmine 3.4.x and default assignee settings
  • Refactoring patch include and wiki macros


  • Simplified Chinese support has been added (thanks to @archonwang)
  • Helper function fa_icon has been added
  • Help menu item and MyPage menu item does not require application server restart anymore
  • Redmine 3.4.x compatibility


  • Redmine Tweaks has been renamed to additionals, because to resolve loading order problem of Redmine plugins
  • Merge common_libraries plugin into additionals plugin
  • Fontawesome support
  • Redmine 3.0.x required


  • TradingView macro support
  • CryptoCompare macro support
  • Reddit macro support
  • Twitter macro improved with prefix image


  • Smiley/Emoji legacy support


  • Coding standard cleanups
  • ruby 2.1.5 required or newer
  • version bump


  • user group support for issue auto assign
  • optimize deface overwrite path
  • drop remove latest projects support (because Redmine 3.2 has dropped latest projects)
  • add permission for log time on closed issues - make sure you adjust our permissions!
  • code cleanups and bug fixes
  • restructure settings
  • wiki pdf settings has been added
  • updated documentation


  • Fixed top menu items permissions for anonymous and non member #29
  • Fixed bug with overwriting application handler, which cases problem with other plugins
  • Tweaks link added to admin menu
  • replaced user macro with {{user}} syntax (old syntax user#id is not supported anymore)
  • more formats for user macro and avatar support
  • rename list_users to members
  • rename list_projects to projects
  • new documentation on
  • updated bootstrap-datepicker and fixed zh locale problem
  • html validation error has been fixed
  • remove garfield support (because there is no image source server available)
  • slideshare wiki macro has been added
  • issue wiki macro has been added
  • autoassign issue if no assignee is selected
  • n+1 query optimization


  • Custom source URL for Garfield source
  • Wiki footer bug fixed with missing line break at the end of page
  • date period support for calendar macro
  • Code cleanups


  • Redmine 3.2.x compatibility
  • user macro has been added (user#1 or user:admin)
  • recently_updated has been added
  • lastupdated_by has been added
  • lastupdated_at has been added
  • calendar macro support
  • NoReferrer support has been added
  • system information uptime and uname have been added
  • twitter macro support
  • gist macro support
  • vimeo macro support


  • dependency with deface (used to overview views)
  • fixed garfield caching macro problem
  • you can add content to overview page now (top and bottom)
  • some content and view optimization (removed wiki_sidebar compatibility problems with other Redmine plugins)
  • Code cleanups and refactoring


  • issue rule added for closing issue with open sub issues
  • issue rule added for status change
  • issue rule added for assigned_to change


  • Redmine 3.0.x and 3.1.x supported
  • “New issue” link with list_projects macro
  • Parameter syntax changed for list_users and list_projects macros (sorry for that)


  • “Edit closed issue” permission has been added
  • Permissions supported for top menu items


  • “Hide role in memberbox” has been added


  • Redmine 2.6.x compatibility
  • URL fixes
  • Garfield macro has been added


  • added overview text field
  • fix style for “goto top”
  • added macro overview help page
  • fix compatibility problems with sidebar and other plugins


  • added youtube macro
  • project guide subject can be defined for project overview page


  • added jump to top link
  • top menu item configuration has been added
  • footer configuration (e.g. for imprint url) has been added


  • initialize plugins settings now works with other plugins


  • option to remove help menu item
  • Redmine 2.4.1 required


  • installation error fixed
  • description update for link handling
  • help url now opens in new windows
  • sidebar error has been fixed, if no wiki page already exist


  • global gantt and calendar bug fix


  • no requirements of Wiki extensions plugin anymore


  • Fix problem with my page permission


  • First public release